Digital drawing of famous Famous Aircraft Hughes HK1 Flying Boat by artist Jim Van Schaack at
Hughes HK1  Flying Boat

WWII - Hk-1 Hughes Flying Boat
Length: 218’-8”, Height: 79’-4”, Wingspan: 319’-11”, Engines: 8, Pratt & Whitney r-4360,
3,000 hp each. Range: 3,000 miles, Ceiling: 20,900 feet, Gross Weight: 400,000 pounds.

Designated HK-1 for the joint venture to build a transport boat that can fly, By Howard Hughes and boat builder Henry Kaiser. HK-1 is the worlds largest aircraft. It is constructed of wood thus it’s nickname, “spruce goose”. Hughes designed & built HK-1, and on november 2, 1947 during taxi trials, With Hughes at the controls the HK-1 flew one mile, it never flew again. The HK-1 can be seen at the Evergreen Air Museum in McMinville, Oregon.

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