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Edited by Benjamin Svetkey

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Conor McGregor Brags That He’s the Highest-Paid First-Time Action Star. Dwayne Johnson May Beg to Differ.

Conor McGregor vs. Dwayne Johnson: Who Cashed the Bigger Check? Did Conor McGregor really set a world record with his Road House payday? That’s what the onetime UFC superstar has been bragging about in recent weeks, claiming he’s now “the highest paid first-time actor of all time.” If true — and McGregor, 35, hasn’t disclosed how […]

Rambling Roundup: Oscar Parties Were Full of Phonies (But Some Got Kicked Out)

Oscar Parties Are Full of Phonies (But They’re Getting Kicked Out) Winning an Academy Award opens a lot of doors, especially at Oscar-night afterparties. One of Hollywood’s sacred red carpet rules is that merely holding an Oscar can be a golden ticket to just about every swell soiree in town. But in recent years, some […]

Billie Eilish’s Long-Lost Choir Teacher Speaks Out (Exclusive)

Billie Eilish’s Oscar Speech Shout-Out Speaks Up Before the Oscar ceremony, an announcer begged nominees not to waste airtime by name-checking their agents and publicists in their speeches — but nobody said anything about thanking old choir teachers. “Ms. Brigham, thanks for believing in me,” Billie Eilish gushed while accepting the trophy for best original […]

Rambling Roundup: Has the Bromance Between Ari Emanuel and Joel Silver Gone Bust?

Ari and Joel: Bromance on the Rocks? One of Hollywood’s most enduring — and mystifying — high-powered friendships may have finally blown up, at least for the moment. Sources tell Rambling Reporter that Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel and longtime pal Joel Silver are no longer speaking after the famously hotheaded Lethal Weapon producer allegedly became […]

Rambling Roundup: Planet Hollywood Loses Its Shirt — (Almost) Everything Must Go!

Planet Hollywood Auction: (Almost) Everything Must Go! You can’t put a price on memories, except, of course, when you can. And in March, we’ll all get a crack at buying some of the most unforgettable props in movie history at two huge, dueling movie memorabilia auctions in Los Angeles. The biggest, from March 20 to 24, […]

The Top 25 American Film Schools

As cultural, social and technological change rock the entertainment industry, these top colleges and universities — from USC to AFI — are training the next generation of cinematic geniuses.