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Barbara Lippert

Barbara Lippert is a media critic and writer in New York City. Recently, she reviewed 'The Golden Bachelor' for and analyzed 'Succession' for She has written about advertising, pop culture and media for 'New York' magazine, 'Vogue,' 'The Washington Post,' 'The New York Times' and as a long-time columnist for 'Adweek.'

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Super Bowl Ads Reflect What Divides Us: Religion, the Election and Bud Light

Incomprehensible MAGA-land predictions that Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce would rig the Super Bowl and endorse Joe Biden for president to 100 million American viewers as part of a massive psy-op turned out to have been greatly exaggerated. Mostly, they just kissed a lot.  But that’s not to say our nation’s fractious politics didn’t break through during […]

The Golden Bachelor’s Not-So-Golden Past

[Editor’s Note: On April 12, around three months after ABC’s Golden Wedding, Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist announced they are getting a divorce. Read that story here.] By sharp contrast to the young cads with sixpack abs previously populating the hot tubs on ABC’s The Bachelor, Gerry Turner, the handsome, 72-year-old star of The Golden Bachelor spinoff, brought fresh […]